Knights openly push for non-voting for RH supporters

MANILA, Oct. 29, 2012–In a massive display of brotherhood, hundreds of members of the Knights of Columbus from the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Aurora and the prelature of Infanta this weekend gathered for a motorcade to protest the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

State Program Director Bonifacio B. Martinez during the round-table dinner openly endorsed to hundreds of knights refraining from voting for pro-RH politicians.

“Elections are coming up and there are pro-RH politicians, aren’t there? So it is up to you to determine who those are; I won’t tell you anymore. And I hope you don’t vote for these pro-RH politicians,” Bonifacio said in Filipino.

Dubbed a “Celebration of Life,” the event kicked off with a Eucharistic celebration, followed by the motorcade that started from St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Crypta Cabanatuan City to the Nueva Ecija High School, where a round-table discussion of District Deputies took place. It was attended by prominent personalities from the province, including Suzuki Philippines president Satoshi Uchida.

Members of the Knights of Columbus vowed to continue promoting a negative vote campaign, which they said would be carried out nationwide. (CBCP for Life)




  • wehd1nga

    absolutely NO to Pro RH politicians!!!

  • Hein S

    Majority of Filipinos want RH Bill!

    • Hein Q

      Not true. Troll somewhere else.

    • Ishmael Ahab

      Oh really? Says who? Your sham “surveys”?

      • Hein S

        Tito Sotto and the UST Varsitarian acknowledge that the Anti-RH stand is in the Minority.nnYu are in Denial.

        • Aran Cabreros

          because they based the survey and the survey is bias..

  • Ferdinan Erenio

    It would help if we have a list of those senators. I strongly recommend not to vote those Pro RH.

  • Ishmael Ahab

    It is good that Knights acted true to their vow to be the knights of the Church. May the Lord bless the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines.

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