Position Paper: On the RH Bill by Dr. Lisa Manalo






By Maria Fidelis C. Manalo, MD, MSc

It is the objectives of this position paper: 1) to increase the awareness and sensitivity of our legislators to ethical problems that they confront as they propose to make reproductive health care a priority program of the government and to make it into one of the laws of the land; 2) to develop an understanding of bioethical concepts and principles and be able to apply them in the analysis of bioethical issues in reproductive health care; and 3) to help the Filipino public develop a mature reasoning and to act according to sound ethical judgment.




The Truth About Human Love – Orientations on Conjugal Love, Gender Ideology and Family Legislation

“By its very nature the gift of the person must be lasting and irrevocable. The indissolubility of marriage flows in the first place from the very essence of that gift: the gift of one person to another person. This reciprocal giving of self reveals the spousal nature of love. In their marital consent the bride […]