Counteract abortion advertisements

The Classified Ads pages of daily newspapers, the Yellow Pages of the phonebook, and signs all along the LRT Stations offer help for “Menstrual Delay” together with such medical services as circumcision, birth control, pregnancy test in two minutes, and testing for and treatment of venereal disease. Some of our counselees admit that they found offers for and sources of abortion and abortifacient drugs from the internet. Thank God that they also find pro-life counseling services in the internet.

“Menstrual Delay” is just a euphemism for abortion. We also know that a lot of women are in need of assistance when confused and anxious about their delayed menstruation.

Pro-Life Philippines has been publishing the hotline telephone counseling centers in the white pages of the PLDT Directory, informing the public of its services for the past 20 years.  That means we have saved hundreds of mothers and babies from abortion.  Radio Veritas has just produced a 30-second ad on the pregnancy crisis hotlines and have been playing it often.  We have also sent this ad to other radio stations.

Some parish churches and schools have put up the red “Pregnant? Need Help?” posters. Quiapo Church and Baclaran Church, whose doors are open 24 hours a day, have been zealous in referring girls and women to our maternity homes.  The priests in confession, the guards and the ladies who usher the faithful or do the collections have been alert in watching out for person that seem to be in crisis. They send them to the nearby counseling center and their cases are processed immediately. The homes for unwed mothers and counseling centers confirm that some women have been admitted because of those announcements.

But we still need your help to reach out to the hundreds more out there who do not know of our pro-life services. Help us save lives. Help us extend our friendship and caring to the many women distraught with unexpected pregnancies. Help us to implement Art. II Sec. 10 of the Constitution: “The state must equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.”

If the RH Bill gets passed, we can expect many more unplanned pregnancies and persons thinking that abortion is the answer.  We must put our pro-life resources in place as soon as possible. Will you help us?

For information on how to get the posters and copy of the taped advertisement on Pregnancy Counseling hotlines, contact Pro-life Philippines at 733-7027, 0919-233-7783 or

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