Adoption is to restore God’s order in the lives of children

Twenty-eight years ago, Linda was adopted from the Heart of Mary Villa by an American couple residing in Minnesota. Linda is totally blind from birth. Today, she is 90% independent. She graduated from a regular high school and she works part-time translating science books into Braille. She walks with her cane to the grocery or to school by herself. She helps her mom do the dishes, cook and change her younger brother’s diapers.

A couple of towns away, Tina Marie, also adopted from the Heart of Mary Villa 30  years ago, lived with 11 other children of John and Mary Ann Kuharsky, a very active pro-life couple. The Kuharskys have six birth children and six adopted — each coming from a different country (Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico, America, and the Philippines – Tina Marie). Two of the children are slow learners but are fast catching on through the encouragement of their loving brothers and sisters.

Linda as well as Tina are now happily married with children of their own.

Holt International, the mother agency of Kaisahang Buhay, has processed the adoption of over 35,000 children these past 20 years. Many of the children have handicaps but there have always been families willing to offer their heart and home. In 1987, eight of the Filipino children adopted through Holt International had a tour of the Philippines as part of the “Back to my Homeland” project.

In the United States and Europe, it is not unusual now to meet families with six or more adopted children.

It is a source of great pride and joy for me, personally, whenever I meet a family in the shopping mall or at a church gathering, and they introduce their teenager to me, relating how they adopted him or her when I was assigned at the Heart of Mary Villa Nursery. Yes, I was the Mom to them at that time.

It is indeed very inspiring and affirming that abortion is not the answer. Adoption is the pro-life answer.


  • Raymond Manlapas

    Beautiful and reassuring article and testimony. God be praised!

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