Speak out

Romy Javier, Pro-lifer of the Month, does not claim to be a writer. But he is a reader — a faithful reader of L.I.F.E. And he has been copying some articles in Pro-life newsletters and submitting them to the local town newspaper every week. The editor, who used to have a pro-birth control stance, is now a pro-lifer.

Dr. Angie Aguirre, in spite of her busy schedule as a cardiologist, still finds time to write letters to the editor or to companies when she comes across advertisements that are sexually suggestive or contrary to Christian values. She says it is always a joy when she receives an answer. Whether it is from someone who agrees or disagrees with her, the fact is, she got the attention of the reader.

What about you? Are you annoyed every time you hear on TV, radio or even inside the LRT the blaring commercials for condoms and contraceptive injections? Are you scandalized by films that glorify lesbianism and pornography?

Were you angered by the Department of Health “sexpert” teaching that masturbation and sexual fantasizing are ways to prevent AIDS? Do you want to congratulate a government worker, Church personnel, or NGO representative whenever he or she speaks out for our cause?

Then write. Speak up. The old saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” still holds true. And if you feel you cannot yet put the words in place, choose an article that you feel will respond to the issue on hand, type it out as is or rewrite it (be sure to put the source) and mail it immediately to the editor or company manager, to a TV or radio announcer, to friends or relatives.

But do it today. Because we have to give information, to correct misconceptions, to clarify a misunderstanding, to answer an important question, to commend or congratulate, to criticize or to motivate, to encourage or to pray.

Keep a directory of the people you want to write to. Classify them according to ally or adversary so that you will know at once what to write about.

Write. People need to know what you think and feel. You cannot afford to be silent especially when LIFE is at stake. Silence helps the oppressor, never the oppressed.

Speak out. Write.

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