The Rosary and Pro-Life

“Sister, many thanks for teaching me how to pray the rosary,” a pregnant teenager said to me one day as she was tearfully packing her things to go to the hospital for her delivery.

“My family seldom went to church,” she continued. “And I did not go to a Catholic school. All I remember is seeing old women in groups saying the “Hail Mary” over and over again while holding the rosary before the Mass would begin. But here in the Maternity Home with the other pregnant girls and women, our daily prayer of the rosary at six o’ clock before suppertime has given me much strength and hope. Now I know the life of Jesus and his love for me. I am also sure that Mama Mary will be my side when I go to the delivery room to give birth to my baby – my baby whom I almost aborted.”

The Holy Rosary is truly a pro-life prayer. Beginning with the Joyful Mysteries that relate the faith-filled acceptance of Our Lady to the Angel’s Announcement of her motherhood, to the generous woman-to-woman Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth during their pregnancy, to the humble Nativity of Our Lord in Bethlehem, the Presentation in the Temple until we relate with the anguish of parents over the whereabouts of their child lost in the Temple or in the mall.

The Mysteries of Light challenge us to recognize the message of spousal love through the Wedding at Cana as well as inspire us to be true to our Baptismal vows and our individual missions to Proclaim the Kingdom of God, finding strength in the Transforming action of Jesus in the Eucharist, no matter what our day to day vocation in life calls us to.

In our Pro-life Counseling Centers, women in the depths of despair due to an abortion, a marital conflict, or an experience of sexual or physical abuse find consolation when our counselors pray the Sorrowful Mysteries with them – the journey with our Lord’s agony, passion and crucifixion, knowing that they are not alone and that He has traveled their road before them. Thus, the Glorious Mysteries of the Resurrection until the Mystery of the Queenship of Mary become a goal they can set their sorrows on, which are not in vain.

Through the years, the Pro-life Movements have devised various versions of the Rosary for it to be a powerful weapon against the culture of death. In our troubled society, our innocent unborn are being slaughtered in the one place where they should feel most secure – their mother’s womb. As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said “If we let a mother kill her unborn child, what will keep us from killing one another?”

Peace cannot be achieved if a condition is placed in the acceptance of one human being over another – he or she is different from me in sex, age, size, color of skin, civil or social status, religion or intellectual capacity. This is the message of eugenics. This is the message of the population control program. This is the message of the contraception-sterilization-abortion propaganda. Sex and pleasure but no baby and responsibility.

I find it hard to believe that one can pray the rosary and not be pro-life. And if somehow, problems, confusions, and distress crowd out one’s unconditional acceptance of life, the dutiful prayer of the rosary will surely bear fruit one day in the grace of enlightenment, peace, joy and hope.

Our divine Lord, the Author of Life, tells us in the Scriptures that if we have faith as tiny as the mustard seed, we could move mountains. He also tells us “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be given to you.” Many of us have first-hand knowledge of the power of prayer in our lives. Just imagine what an impact our whole parish, diocese, nation would have against abortion if we armed ourselves with that powerful weapon – the Rosary.

Would you like to join us in this commitment to pray the Rosary daily for Life?


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