Day of the Unborn: March 25

Dear Pro-Life Advocates,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

In 2004, Proclamation No. 586 made by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared March 25 of each year as the “DAY OF THE UNBORN” in the Philippines.

Like in other countries, this day is devoted to the souls of the vast number of babies forbidden to live and partake in this world. It is a day when all people of good will should rededicate themselves to advocate that societies around the world include every unborn child within their understanding of the human community. It is a day for people of faith to pray for the eradication of abortion from the face of the planet.
On this day, please organize pro-life activities to promote the Dignity and Protection of the Unborn.

Suggested Activities:

Candle lighting Activity
Meditation and prayer on the life of Jesus in the Womb
Organizing prayer meetings to spread the message of life.
Designing and raising posters communicating pro-life messages.
Organizing small public meetings to propagate the pro-life message.
Organizing rallies in our own localities.
Printing and distributing leaflets to impart pro-life awareness.
Organizing seminars, fora and exhibits related to pro-life issues by various organizations.

NOTE: Catholic Liturgical Ordo has announced the Feast of the Annunciation this year is on March 26 because March 25 falls on the Fourth Sunday of Lent. Feel free to organize activities on either day. Please give us a report on how your parish or organization participated in the Day of the Unborn.

Contact Pro-Life Office at 7337027 or text us at 09192337783 for the sample intercessory prayers you could use during the Holy Mass.


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