‘Homosexuals are born that way’ theory long debunked

MANILA, Nov. 23, 2011–Though no study proves that homosexuality is genetic, news media “have often rushed to present the hypothesis as conclusion,” thereby propagating the myth of the “gay gene” and other misleading information alleging that homosexual men and women are born that way, said Dr. Ligaya Anacta Acosta, Human Life International (HLI) Asia and Oceania director.

During last week’s National “Philippines for Life” Congress held in Cebu City, Acosta disclosed the truth about homosexuality and the homosexual agenda, including facts about a scientific research that was mistakenly regarded as a sort of “eureka study” concluding that homosexuals are born with the condition.

“Why did they make the conclusion that homosexuality is genetic? It started in1991 when Science magazine published a study conducted by Dr. Simon LeVay , which alleged a difference between brains of homosexuals and heterosexuals based on the autopsy of 41 cadavers — which is such a small sample,” Acosta explained.

The British-American neuroscientist later retracted and issued clarifications regarding his study, which the HLI director quoted:

“To many people, finding a difference in brain structures between gay and straight men is equivalent to proving that gay men are born that way. Time and again, I have been described as someone who proved that homosexuality is genetic. I did not. My observations were made on adults who had been sexually active for a considerable amount of time. It is not possible purely on the basis of my observations to say whether the structural differences were present at birth and later influenced by men to become gay or straight or whether they arose in adult life.”

LeVay issued the clarification years ago, yet the “gay gene” myth continues to circulate in some circles despite the absence of a conclusive basis.

“I presented this because today we are being told ‘you cannot do anything about it, you are born that way.’ Yet there is nothing to show that homosexuality is genetic. It’s more developmental and environmental,” the HLI director explained.

Political motivations behind classification of homosexuality as normal
Another significant incident in the history of the homosexual agenda was the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental disorders by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which turned out to be a political move rather than one based on findings of scientists.

“Is homosexuality really normal? This all started in 1973 when the American Psychiatric Association, under intense pressure from gay groups, removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. But we have to take note that [the organization] never did say that [homosexuality] was normal,” Acosta said.

It was a political move, with homosexual activists campaigning in the early 1970s — at times resorting to violent demonstrations — for the classification of the condition as “normal”.

An APA member, Prof. Abram Kardiner from Columbia University, “revealed that it was because a powerful lobby of gay organizations brought pressure to the APA to remove homosexuality [from the list],” Acosta said.

In fact, she added, even statements made by the APA pertaining to homosexual “marriage” as a positive option were not based on science but on political motivations, according to a former medical director of the group.

The HLI-organized event, dubbed “Surrender is not an option, compromise is not the solution,” focused on the reproductive health (RH) bill and its background and implications, and Acosta tackled the issue of homosexuality because it was part of the bill, she revealed.

“The RH bill is about four things: the massive promotion of abortion, of free sex — that’s why they want to make sex education mandatory — the promotion of (killer) contraceptives, and the promotion of homosexuality. This is one aspect of the RH bill which is the least understood by many.” (CBCP for Life)

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