Resolution of Filipino-Americans in Opposition to the “Reproductive Health” Law

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The Philippines is the largest pro-life country in the world, but if we don’t act Right Now, it may become the newest nation to join the
culture of death and allow the killing of innocent babies through surgical and chemical abortions. Sign the petition today!

We the undersigned, do hereby proclaim our strenuous opposition to the Philippines’ “Reproductive Health” law.

The “Reproductive Health” law, under the guise of reducing poverty, would in fact:
Take away limited government funds from treating many high priority medical and food needs and transfers them to fund harmful and deadly abortifacient and anti-family devices and programs.
Open the door to abortion on demand, encourage adultery, cause the breakup of two parent families, and increase teenage pregnancy.1
Force, under penalty of the law, public and private institutions to teach “sex education” in a manner that violates the deeply rooted cultural, social, and religious norms of the Filipino people.
Threaten anyone who disseminates “inaccurate” information about the law to be put in jail for up to 6 months. This is meant to silence critics.

The American people, and especially the Filipino-American community does not support such a law, and neither do the People of the Philippines, who when informed of the actual provisions and penalties of the “Reproductive Health,” law rejected it by a staggering 92%.2   …..Read More

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