Baby – The Gift of Life

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by Paula Cheng

Last Sunday, a group (might I say a very large group, haha) of friends and I attended a talk on sexuality, chastity, relationships and love by this world-famous American speaker – Jason Evert. He and his wife, Crystalina, go around schools, communities, even countries like ours, to talk about chastity and what it means to be pure for that one person you will marry. Every year, Jason talks to over 100,000 people – teens, adolescents, parents – and inspires them to have romance without regrets. He was such an entertaining and motivating speaker that I didn’t regret not studying for an exam for the whole afternoon I spent in SMX. Let me just share with you one of the many stories that Jason related during his talk.

A twelve-year old boy approached Jason and told him that he and his girlfriend decided that they were ready. Jason asked him, “Ready for what?” The boy answered, “Ready for sex.” Jason asked him another question: “Are you ready to be a father?” The boy, puzzled, asked him why. After explaining to him that babies come after sex, Jason shared with him his experiences with his first-born. His child had several complications after birth and had to go from hospital to hospital, from one doctor to another. To cut the story short, Jason told the boy that he spent about $30,000 just to make sure that his baby was safe. The boy said, “But I only have five dollars in my wallet!” Needless to say, the boy got the point.

Every life is a gift from God. And every gift of life comes with a responsibility of nurturing, caring for and loving them. God lets us borrow His beloved children and He expects us to hold up our end of the bargain. In the same way that we are stewards of His creation, He also calls us to be stewards of the most precious ones among these – humankind. So before we delve into getting intimate with anyone, we should carefully consider the responsibilities and future consequences that it might and will bring.

We hear people everywhere advocating saving the trees, saving the dolphins, saving all kinds of endangered species – animals, plants, etc. yet, how come it’s not often that we hear of people saying save our children? Worse, there are some who even scoff at people who do advocate it. With all these contraceptive and abortive mentalities raging in the world today, a culture of death is being inculcated into our minds and into the minds of the future generations. Who is then left to save our children? Will the trees, the dolphins and all other endangered species advocate saving our children? I don’t think so. It is up to us to protect our future generations.

This is why, more than merely being anti-RH, we should be pro-life. This is and always has been the underlying principle of the Church in its constant opposition of issues which threaten destabilize our moral foundations. The Church promotes the protection of life, of human dignity, of the sanctity of marriage. The Church does not aim to deprive women and their children of a good life, rather, the Church wants us to have life in its fullness, and a life that can only be attained if we live according to God’s will.

Being pro-life is not just being against abortion and crimes against life. Being pro-life is also about being an advocate of living life to the fullest – to be able to reach our potentials, to fulfill our purpose, to have the highest quality of life possible. Together, let us strive to achieve this for every human being.

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