Prolife group welcomes the elevation of Archbishop Orlando Quevedo of Cotabato

FILIPINOS FOR LIFE (F4L) welcomes the elevation of Archbishop Orlando Quevedo of Cotabato, a staunch ally in the fight for family and life, to the College of Cardinals.

Quevedo is a clear voice of faith and reason against the culture of death being peddled by proponents of the constitutionally infirm reproductive health (RH) law. During Martial Law, he fought for authentic human rights and the plight of indigenous peoples. A true reformer, he advocated for a “new way of being Church.” As one of the new cardinals from the “fringes,” he will help articulate Pope Francis’ vision of a Church whose primary mission is to preach Christ.

We view the appointment of Cardinal-Elect Quevedo as a vote of confidence by the Holy Father on the consistent moral stance of the Filipino episcopate. We recall with fervor his outstanding critique of the RH law, which he points out, comes from a “secularism that rejects faith and morality as norms of action.”

“As teachers of faith the Bishops of the Philippines point out that the distribution and use of artificial contraceptive means to prevent conception and the implantation of the fertilized egg in the womb are not morally neutral. Based on official Catholic moral teaching, they are in fact morally evil,” Quevedo states in his primer on the New Evangelization.

He adds: “[T]he freedom to choose cannot be contrary to the law of God who gave that freedom. Briefly and simply, the freedom to choose is not absolute. It is necessarily limited by the moral law, as taught authoritatively by the magisterium or teaching authority of the Church.”

Quevedo also had a few words for faculty members of Catholic universities who did not only dissent from the teaching of the bishops but also twisted Catholic moral and social teachings: “[A]cademic freedom is not a right for faculty members of a Catholic educational institution to betray its Catholic identity and nature and cannot be a reason for dissenting against the official Catholic position as on the Reproductive Health Bill.”

“A Catholic institution of higher learning, whether pontifical or not, has to be faithful to its identity, nature, and role as a Catholic institution. One of the distinctive marks essential for Catholic identity is fidelity to the Christian message in conformity with the magisterium of the Church.”

We wish Cardinal-Elect Quevedo all the best in his new role, and pledge our support to him.

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