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Someone on the news has claimed that the end of the world is going to happen on October 21, this year. And because worrying situations have occurred, and still are occurring in different parts of the earth; hurricane in the West, wars in Middle East, typhoons and quakes other parts of Asia; this prediction scares many people, including me.
I was afraid because I do not know what I will have already achieved by that time. I still need a lot of years to earn money and do other things I have and want to do. The end of the world is too near if that’s the case, I told myself.
However, after some time of reflection, I personally believe that it is not yet “all”. People usually lean on the “physical” sense or connotation of the “end of the world”, but it may also mean something else’s END. Maybe it signals a START. Maybe it signals the start of complete ruin of human’s morality, comparing the thinking or mentality of people before, and now. And the case here in the Philippines is the processing of a very intriguing bill– “intriguing” because it concerns so much the whole Christian community and the morals of every Filipino.

When Fr. Richie Santos, SDB, asked me about what one thing makes me worried and extremely concerned about the youth, I answered, “the continuously rising rate of premarital sex.” He asked me why. Despite my trust to myself that I would never commit such premarital activity, I am afraid for the future generations if the rate continues to rise. I told him that I couldn’t imagine my future kids having an environment whose value for sex is very low – just for pleasure.
Before, at the first release of the news regarding the Reproductive Health Bill that would encourage people to use contraceptives and other methods in order to reduce the population growth, I laughed. It was because I knew that the proponents of this bill have been hardly trying to pass this but never could. But now, I almost can’t even smile at it, because I see that there’s a chance that this time, it might become a law. The government seems to be more open about it. I do not know.
In the future (when the bill is declared a law), I think there will be braver people who will DO IT because they are PROTECTED (protected from the accompanied responsibilities of having an unwanted baby). Active people, most of the time use contraceptives like pills and condoms to avoid pregnancy. While doing sex with those, minds are set that there will be no “accident”. However, what happens if those fail? They will have a baby – a baby who is more unwanted.
In the future, if the bill is passed, what some people will do with their husband/ wife during the honeymoon was also done during the past relationships. I can’t imagine the country where there will be women who have lower valuation and respect for their bodies, offering unchaste hearts and bodies to their spouses.
The bill’s provision to answer the potential problem of making people look at sex as something that is just for pleasure is the Sex Education. But I doubt if this will work. I really do. It is because all these things relating to sex are taught at home, little by little, by responsible parents. I believe that Sex Education at the typical classroom setup is going to fail, because not every teacher in the country is trained to teach it (we even have the question of who deserves to teach it) and not every student has the right concept of the lesson to accept it. At present we see that there are excellent schools, while there are others who offer not-so-good quality of education. The result of the sex education will now depend on the way it is taught, and it will result to different impacts to different students. Let’s remember the real environment cannot be controlled. By the time students go out of school and face the real world, we understand that is a different story. There will be adjusted mentality.
Even our parents find a hard time teach sex-related things to us; maybe because it is a very sensitive issue, and maybe they know that we will definitely learn all those through our environment, as we grow. What we really need to work out first is the education at home. Parents discipline their children, teach them what to do when encountering problems, and talk to them as friends.
Maybe those who are in favor of the bill would tell me that I should trust our education. But the risk is huge, and the consequences if it fails are severe.

I was very sad last Tuesday when I read on facebook the differing opinions of Filipinos on the said bill. I was mad at people who were disrespectful in their way of showing support to the RH bill. Someone has commented “makitid ang utak ng simbahan.. may masabi lang” (the Church is narrow-minded..just finds anything to say). If you look on many sites, people talk about this controversial bill, and many people respond inappropriately. I will release my new article by the time I screencapture all the comments I see and answer them back.


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