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The Sanctity of Family and Life Natural Law Thinking in the Constitution

The Sanctity of Family and Life Natural Law Thinking in the Constitution



Link to original Prepared by Julio Peñacoba   Is it ethical for a government to promote contraception?  This question belongs to the ethical dimension of the debate on the RH Bill. I would like now to offer now some lines of ethical reasoning leading to an answer to the above opening question.   Let us […]

New Study Rejects Claim That Where Abortion Is Illegal, Maternal Mortality Is High

Link to original Chile, where abortion is against the law, has the second-lowest rate in North and South America. SANTIAGO, Chile — Women die in greater numbers when they have to resort to illegal abortions. So, to save lives, it’s imperative to decriminalize abortion in countries around the world. That’s been the argument of international […]

Time To Admit It: The Church Has Always Been Right On Birth Control

Link to original Michael Brendan Dougherty and Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry Painting the Catholic Church as “out of touch” is like shooting fish in a barrel, what with the funny hats and gilded churches. And nothing makes it easier than the Church’s stance against contraception. Many people, (including our editor) are wondering why the Catholic Church doesn’t just ditch […]

History and Science – Erototoxic Images Drive Sex Trafficking Demand

              Judith A. Reisman PhD  

Knights of Columbus commissioned poll: Abortion in America

The survey also found that 84 percent of Americans believe that laws can protect both the life of the unborn and the health and well-being of women. That number was consistent with – and slightly higher than – findings two years ago when the number who said both could be protected was 81 percent.

USCCB: Marriage and Religious Freedom Letter January 12 2012

USCCB: Marriage and Religious Freedom Letter January 12 2012


The Effectiveness of Abstinence Education Programs in Reducing Sexual Activity Among Youth

Link to original Teenage sexual activity is a major problem confronting the nation and has led to a rising incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), emotional and psychological injuries, and out-of-wedlock childbearing. Abstinence education programs for youth have been proven to be effective in reducing early sexual activity. Abstinence programs also can provide the foundation […]

The Truth About Human Love – Orientations on Conjugal Love, Gender Ideology and Family Legislation

“By its very nature the gift of the person must be lasting and irrevocable. The indissolubility of marriage flows in the first place from the very essence of that gift: the gift of one person to another person. This reciprocal giving of self reveals the spousal nature of love. In their marital consent the bride […]