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RH Bill Is Not Pro-Life

RH Bill Is Not Pro-Life

Bernardo M. Villegas, Ph.D. It is not my usual practice to debate with specific individuals or groups about the issues I address in my columns. I am making an exception this time, as some might already have inferred from the title of this commentary. Recently, some faculty members of the De La Salle University declared […]

Philippines is running out of farmers

Link to original MANILA, Philippines—The country’s food security is at risk as millions of farmers and fishermen are getting too old for what is back-breaking work and their children are not keen on taking over for lack of incentive to do so, agriculture and other officials said Thursday. The officials said that the younger generation, […]

Low birth rate a national threat on many levels: scholars

Link to original Taipei, Jan. 14 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou’s alert last weekthat the low birth rate in Taiwan has become a “national securityissue” was right on target as the problem could ultimately changeTaiwan’s social and national landscape, scholars said Friday. “The Taiwan government should try to tackle the issue head-on, “said Chang Kuo-cheng, a […]

Invest in Philippines, the ‘Dark Horse’ of Asia: Expert

Link to original As far as emerging markets go, the Philippines is seldom the choice investment destination, but one analyst says the Southeast Asian nation could well become the “dark horse” of the region, thanks to its favorable demographics and sound economic fundamentals. The Philippine’s “very robust and young population” presents a ready pool of […]

Keeping the Philippine Dream Alive

Investors see the first hints of pro-growth reform momentum. Link to original Global investors have spent the past few years flitting from one Asian economy to another in search of promising returns, like hummingbirds in search of nectar. From Vietnam to India to Sri Lanka to Indonesia, they’ve ended up disappointed. Now those investors are […]

What is driving the Philippines’ surprisingly strong growth?

Link to original Hong Kong (CNN) — As emerging markets slump and the euro zone continues to struggle, the Philippine economy made a surprising surge in the first part of this year. The slowdowns in BRIC countries, China in particular, are feared to drag down the global economy. But in the first quarter of 2012, […]

As population grows, so will need for skills

Link to original The global “war for talent” is expected to escalate once economies recover, says the ILO ahead of World Population Day on July 11. Article | 10 July 2012 GENEVA (ILO News) – As the world population grows, so does the demand for jobs. Paradoxically, the global skills shortage will grow too. Some […]

Philippines: Maternal deaths decline in Philippines without birth controls

Link to original Deaths dropped by 81 per cent between 1980 and 2008. Data contradict abortion and reproductive health bill supporters. For years, international agencies and media used figures considered out of date by the institutions that collected them. Manila (AsiaNews/ Agencies) – The Philippines are winning the battle against maternal deaths even without any […]

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The Truth About Human Love – Orientations on Conjugal Love, Gender Ideology and Family Legislation

“By its very nature the gift of the person must be lasting and irrevocable. The indissolubility of marriage flows in the first place from the very essence of that gift: the gift of one person to another person. This reciprocal giving of self reveals the spousal nature of love. In their marital consent the bride […]